What I love about working with Broder Productions is their flexibility. The work around the clock to make photo shoots happen in a timely manner with a lot of last minute changes. The service is spectacular. Always on point. The staff is respectful, gracious and accommodating. Working with Broder Productions feels like being part of a family, they always take good care of their clients
— Joie Dietrich-de la Cruz, C&B. - Creative Director
There is no one that I would trust more that Jeff Broder to execute perfect production on every job. For over ten years Jeff has handled every possible production for me in such diverse locations as Guatemala, NYC, LA, San Francisco, Jamaica, Antigua, Miami, Dominican Republic and countless others. Jeff’s cool headed nature and attention to detail wins over every client.
— Chris Nicholls, Photographer
I can always trust that our production will run smoothly with Jeff and his team. No matter how many curve balls we throw at the last minute, Broder Productions always brings it together as if it all were planned that way from the beginning.
— Jeremie Dunning, Finish Line - Senior Creative Director
The recent shoots produced with Jeff Broder were the most professional, organized and flawless experiences in almost 17 years. Every detail was considered. If something unexpected came up, it was dealt with behind the scenes without any anxiety or unnecessary stress to the agency or client. I cannot speak highly enough about Broder Productions and Jeff’s character. He will do whatever it takes to make it happen, whatever the assignment requires!
— David Schimmel, And Partners - Creative Director
Couldn’t have done it without you. You are the best!
— Stephan Würth, Photographer